Monday, October 31, 2011

So much to say...

As a student, I am blessed with long holidays, and I have decided to take advantage of these to go travelling. This summer, I travelled not only around China, the country I live and study in, but also to both of the Koreas. During my mid-semester break, less than a week from now, I will be going to Sri Lanka with my boyfriend who I met in North Korea. (I will wrte about how we met in the blog at some stage later.) After much reflection, it occurred to me that the story of my experiences, and the lessons I learned from this holiday are too important to just be forgotten, and too complex to be relegated to just a few lines, or even just a single essay.

To tell all of this, I decided to start this blog. Don't expect me to give day-by-day accounts of my travels. To me, the experience of travelling is much more than a simple list of "been there, done that". In this blog, I will talk about the people that I meet, the things that I learn, and the impact that my travels have on my life and way of thinking. I will also blog occasionally about my experiences living and studying in a different country and culture from the one I grew up in.

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